Lisa's Story: Always Resourceful

Lisa Love resides in Noble County — where resources can be scarce, but resourcefulness is abundant. And resourceful is what her mother, Faye, has been from the start, crossing county lines to find meaningful supports for her daughter.

Faye describes a time when no one could tell her what type of disability her daughter even had.

“She was hard to care for when she was first born,” says Faye, “In those years, there was a lot of trial and error.” Lisa, now 47, was finally diagnosed with Williams Syndrome at the age of 15.

What Faye did know in those early years was that her daughter needed to be in school. Lisa’s siblings were enrolled in Monroe County schools and Faye wanted Lisa there, too. That’s when she became involved with the Monroe County Board of Developmental Disabilities, first enrolling Lisa in its preschool and later in its school-age program.

The family transported Lisa to the Monroe County line every day where she got on a bus and rode 45 twisting miles one way to a preschool in Fly, a small community along the Ohio River. That lasted until a preschool was built in Woodsfield. When Lisa got older, the Noble County Board of Developmental Disabilities became involved and fulfilled her transportation needs.

Lisa’s relationship with both county boards continues today. She attends the Monroe Adult Craft Organization (MACO), where her mother says Lisa loves her job, especially in the trophy-engraving department. MACO also provides community opportunities, including walks in the park, picnics, and bowling. That’s important for Lisa, who enjoys social activities and is well-known in both Noble and Monroe counties because of her community involvement.

Faye greatly appreciates the Monroe and Noble county boards of DD.

“I think they do a wonderful job,” says Faye. She praised Noble County SSA Tabitha Weisend, who is helping Lisa prepare for the future.

“Tabitha has been really good for Lisa,” she says. “If there are things she can attend in Noble County, Tabitha always lets us know.”

For Lisa and Faye, two small county boards have made a big impact!