Grant's Story: Always Achieving

Nothing is holding Grant Puckrin back from pursuing his entrepreneurial dream of launching his own 3D printing and graphic design business. Grant discovered his passion for 3D printing while studying 3D animation and graphic design at Terra State Community College near his home in Sandusky, Ohio.

“Using my artistic ability to create something out of nothing interests me,” says Grant about 3D printing. “Making an actual object rather than just something on a screen.”

When he began considering his own business, Grant conducted market research and discovered that while Sandusky is saturated with graphic designers, there is a need for 3D printing. Grant is now in the process of developing his business plan and obtaining funding for his startup.

Photo of Chris and Grant discussing 3D printing

Chris Volpe, CEO and president of Multivarious Games, discussing 3D printing with Grant.

As part of his industry research, Grant recently traveled to Columbus to meet with the founders of Multivarious Games, a video game and software studio startup, and Knockout Concepts, a mobile 3D software and scanning company. During his visit, Grant had the opportunity to peek behind the scenes of video game development, use a mobile 3D scanner, and learn valuable advice about starting your own business.

“Grant’s a very talented young man with a passion for 3D,” says Brooks Meyers, founder and CEO of Knockout Concepts. “We see 3D printing as the biggest business opportunity of this decade, so he is on the right track.”

Photo of Brooks and Grant using mobile 3D scanning software

Brooks Meyers, co-founder and CEO of Knockout Concepts, demonstrates the company’s mobile 3D scanning software.

Helping Grant along his entrepreneurial journey are his incredibly supportive family and the Erie County Board of Developmental Disabilities, which has supported Grant, who has been diagnosed with autism, since infancy. According to Tammy Puckrin, Grant’s mom, the board has provided everything from in-home therapy when he was young to gas gift cards to defray the costs of his college commute.

“Our case manager told us that for whatever he needs, the county board will be with him forever,” says Tammy. “We are very, very blessed to have them help our son.”