Alex's Story: Always Looking Ahead

How would you live your life if you weren’t expected to survive past birth? For Erie County resident, Alexander Webb, this was a harsh reality.

When Alex was born he had difficulty breathing along with other health conditions. The doctors put a trach tube in his throat and told his mother he wouldn’t live beyond a month. After he survived his first month, the doctors gave him a 3-month lifespan.

Twenty-seven years later, Alex has created a rewarding personal and professional life, including marrying the love of his life, Kristin, in 2016.

“Our wedding day was amazing,” writes Alex in an email. “My wife was stunningly beautiful. I will never forget seeing her walk down the aisle toward me. It was perfect.”

As a proud graduate of Sandusky High School and a Kroger employee, Alex has not let any setbacks in life stop him from achieving his dreams. At Kroger, where he restocks unwanted groceries and assists customers, he feels appreciated and part of a team.

The Erie County Board of Developmental Disabilities helped Alex get his first job at Goodwill through the Employment First initiative, and continues to support him and his wife with various services, including Social Security, job, and family services. The board checks in regularly to ensure that Alex and his wife have everything they need and have been instrumental in helping them set and achieve new goals.

In the future, Alex and his wife are looking forward to traveling and starting a family. Eventually, they would like a bigger house with a workshop attached so Alex can work on small side projects. Alex says that he and his wife plan to stay in Erie County because they love the community. “This is our home,” he says.